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How To Quickly Get A Duplicate Title In Florida

How To Quickly Get A Duplicate Title In Florida

A vehicle title, also known as certificate of title or pink slip, is a legal document that establishes a person or business as the legal owner of a vehicle. It is a document of vital importance issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in your local state and should be kept in a secure and safe place.

If the document becomes lost, it is important to obtain a duplicate title. The duplicate title invalidates the lost title. It is also recommended that a police report be filed if the title was stolen to avoid fraud and further theft.

How Do I Get a Duplicate Car Title in Florida?

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) maintains titles in one of two status: paper or electronic.

  • An electronic title is one that is held electronically. It cannot be lost or stolen because it does not exist in paper form. It is usually new vehicles that are financed which have electronic titles. Once the loan is paid off, the title can remain electronic. You might have an electronic title and only need to have it printed should you need to transfer ownership of the vehicle.

  • Paper titles are, you guessed it, held in paper form by the vehicle owner or lien holder. These can become lost, stolen, or damaged and must be replaced in those instances. 

Here is how you can have your electronic title printed or replace your paper title by ordering a duplicate:

Online Title Applications

If your title is electronically held, you can put in a request that it be printed and mailed to you by visiting the state website or via which provides a duplicate title service with additional benefits overing ordering with the state for an additional fee.  Here are some important things to note:

  • The state website will only process requests to print and mail an electronically held title.  eTags can handle both requests (print an electronically held title or duplicate a paper title) but identification must be emailed or uploaded via the provided upload page. eTags also accepts mail or faxed copies.
  • Shipping varies depending on what website you order from. The state website indicates a shipping time between 7 to 10 days for electronic titles being printed and mailed. eTags services provide expedited processing and shipping for most title but identification must be received promptly. A priority ship option can be added for an additional fee.
  • If using the state website to print and mail an electronically held title, the title will be shipped to the current address on the DMV record. eTags can mail your title, after printing an electronically held one or duplicating a paper one, to any address but a document such as proof of residence or notarized may be requested.
Florida DMV website: GoRenew

In-Person Duplicate Title Applications

Typically, vehicle owners or representatives of a vehicle owned by a business can go to their local tax collector’s office or a private tag office to handle vehicle-related transactions including requesting a duplicate title or printing of an electronically held title.

It is important to note that Florida identifies “Fast Title” as an additional service. If you request a title in person without the additional Fast Title service, the office you visit will submit your application and the title will arrive to you in the mail. With the additional Fast Title service, they will process your application and hand you the title the same day. Not all offices offer Fast Title so be sure to call ahead to confirm if you want that additional service.

As for in-person visits, you must submit the following items to the clerk:

  • If your title is a paper title that was lost, stolen, or damaged, a completed HSMV 82101 form. If you are requesting that your electronic title be printed, the office will provide an authorization form which varies by county.
  • Proof of identity –  You can bring your driver’s license, ID card, or passport for this.

Note that fees due are also contingent to the county where you live. Many counties in Florida charge an additional fee which is added to the required state fee to print or duplicate a title. 

Applying for a Duplicate Car Title by Mail

If you are planning on applying for a duplicate by mail, you will need to gather your completed Form HSMV 82101 and submit it to the mailing address of your local tax collector’s office. The title will mailed to the current address on your DMV record. 

What if There is a Lien on the Vehicle?

A lien is placed on a vehicle title when a creditor or other party with interest submits the proper application to the FL DMV. This essentially prevents the vehicle from being sold or otherwise transferred to a new owner until the lien is satisfied (or else the lien holder takes possession of the vehicle).

If the lien is not satisfied (loan or other debt paid off), the title must be requested by the lien holder. This would only typically apply when the vehicle owner moves to a new state and needs to register their car there for which a title is usually required. If the lien is satisfied, the lien can be removed by submitting the additional HSMV 82666 form along with other required documents and proof of lien satisfaction (such as a payment receipt) in person. Usually through, a lienholder is process the paperwork for lien removal with the DMV. If instead you receive a lien release letter, you may have to submit the lien removal request yourself.

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