Welcome to TitleTransfer.com

Welcome to TitleTransfer.com

Our goal is to help you find the answers and solutions to some of the most confusing and frustrating DMV transactions. Choose one of the common options below or browse the site for anything from guides on how to update your address to how to transfer your title. 

Replacing a Lost Title
Transferring a Title to a New Owner
Applying for a Title in a New State After Moving
Applying for a New Vehicle Registration
Changing Registration Information
Replacing a Lost TitleTransferring a Title to a New OwnerApplying for a Title in a New State After Moving
Applying for a New Vehicle RegistrationRenewing or Replacing a Vehicle RegistrationChanging Registration Information


Replacing a Title

A title, formerly known as a Certificate of Title and informally known as a Pink Slip, is a legal form issued by a state agency that establishes the legal owner of a vehicle. You may find yourself in need to replace your vehicle title if:

  • You never received your title from the DMV, the dealership, or a lien holder.
  • Your title was lost or stolen
  • Your title is damaged
  • Your title has incorrect information

Transferring a Title

You may find yourself in need to transfer ownership of a vehicle. You may need to transfer ownership of a title if:

  • You bought a new vehicle from a private party. For vehicles bought from a dealership, the transfer is completed by the dealership for you.
  • You were gifted or inherited a vehicle from a family member, friend, or other party.
  • You need to remove one of the owners on the title or add a second owner to a title. Most states consider this a transfer even though the vehicle remains in possession of the same individual(s).

Applying for a New Title

You may need to apply for a title if:

  • You are moving to a new state and need or want to convert your title from your previous state to your new state. You can apply for a new registration with your title.
  • You have or acquired a vehicle without a title or with a canceled title which often applies to junked vehicles.

Applying for a New Registration

A vehicle registration consists of a one or two license plates depending on your state’s requirements, a registration card or certificate, and, in most states, one or two plate stickers or decals. Vehicles must be registered in order to be driven on public roads. You may need to apply for a new registration if:

  • You recently bought, were gifted, or inherited a vehicle.
  • A vehicle you already own needs a new registration because it was never registered or the registration was transferred to another vehicle in states that allow registration transfers.

Renewing or Replacing a Vehicle Registration

In order to keep your registration current, you must renew it by paying the required tax. You may find yourself in need of replacing one or more components of the registration (license plate(s), registration card, or plate sticker(s)) outside of your registration renewal period. You will need to renew or your replace your registration when:

  • You are within your renewal period which varies by state. Some states, like Pennsylvania and Maryland, allow renewal up to 6 months before the current registration expires. Other states like California and Florida, allow renewals 2 to 3 months before expiration.
  • You current license plate(s), registration card, or plate sticker(s) have become lost, stolen, or damaged beyond legibility. 

Changing Title or Registration Information

Information on your registration or title and consequently within your state’s database may be incorrect or out of date. You may need to request a change of your registration and/or title information if:

  • You’ve legally changed your name
  • You’ve moved within the same state and need to update your address
  • A characteristic of the vehicle has changed such as the paint
  • You want to add or remove an owner

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